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No Pretenses

"A picture is worth a thousand words." 

My photos might conjure up a few but surely not a thousand. My hope is that one word will come to mind as you view the images I've chosen for this venue.....interesting.  If a particular image moves you to linger for a moment or inspires a second look, then I've accomplished something. 


An Appreciation For The Eye Of The Beholder

   A dear, old friend of mine used to say to newcomers when introducing his family, “We’ve got so many ways, you’re bound to like some of them.” It always got a chuckle. As a young man, I really didn’t know what he meant but as I’ve grown older, I think I know what he was saying. I hope my work is diverse enough that parts of it will appeal to most observers and only a few will be left scratching their heads and thinking....

 ”What the hell?”.   


A Look Through My Lens

  It’s natural to wonder what the artist saw or might have been trying to convey as he or she created. But I believe often times the artist is just as curious about what his or her audience sees, thinks or feels when viewing a particular piece for the first time and without the benefit of a narrative.  My mission isn’t to convey my own feelings about what I’ve produced. I consider that personal and private, especially if I’ve borrowed a second of someone’s life unbeknownst to them. Rather, it’s to provide an illustration that others, if so inclined, can use to weave their own thoughts or stories about a stolen moment, a special place or a particular object I’ve captured and put on display.   


Most of the prints in my Gallery are available for purchase. I can't think of a greater compliment than having one of my photos in your office or home. Each available image can be found in my "Photo Shop". Just hit the shop button and search by title for pricing and availability. 

For in-stock, ready-to-hang pieces, click on the first category in the Photo Shop section - "Ready to hang". There you'll find most everything that's on my gallery walls and a few more items that seem to be popular. I also have many items not listed here. If you don't see what you want or have an idea for something special, please contact me. I'll work with you to come up with just what you're looking for...or maybe give you some ideas of my own. 

I've tried to include a few things from all genres included in my Gallery. It's nearly impossible to list every print in every available option so please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding availability, size or medium. 

Thank you for taking the time to browse. 


Why Rocktail Productions?



  Since my retirement a few years ago, I’ve spent a good deal of time with our beloved Lab, Rocky. He’s my pal and a friend to all he meets. We’re inseparable. On occasion, nightly actually, I like to enjoy a drink before dinner but feel a little awkward about drinking alone while waiting for my wife to get home from work. Being a master of rationalization, I realized it’s not really drinking alone if the dog is there and he’s always there for his share of bar snacks while I enjoy a glass of bourbon….or a Rocktail, if you will. And so Rocktail Hour was born. Rocktail Hour has become an institution at our house and with many of our friends as well. Many of the world’s problems have been discussed at length and some even solved over a few Rocktails with family and friends. So, I’ve decided to dedicate this little business venture/hobby to my fuzzy faced buddy, always at my feet or by my side.     


From the heart....

Thank you for taking a few minutes to view my photographs. Each one was chosen because I found the subject appealing or interesting in some form or fashion. I hope at least one image has touched you in some way as they all have touched me. If not, please drop in again. I never know where my next adventure lies but I do know its right around the corner and I'll have a camera in my hand. 

This seems like a fitting place to say thank you to Kathryn, Shae and Ian who, each in their own way, inspire and encourage me to be me. And in doing so, have allowed me to live the life I've always dreamed of. I love them dearly.


Please visit my Photo Shop

Most of my photos are for sale and many can be ordered in more than one size matted for framing or stretched canvas. Please contact me with any questions. 


Return for a full refund if you're not completely satisfied or if it just doesn't look that great over the couch. *

All photo images contained in this website are copyrighted and the sole property of Scott Spitznagle and Rocktail Productions. Unauthorized reproduction, for any purpose, is strictly forbidden.  

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